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About Me

I am a Canadian living in Trastevere, enjoying all of the sights & delights that this beautiful city has to offer (which is TANTISSIMO).  Luckily for me, I have discovered being a food tour guide is the best job on the planet which happens to encompass many of my passions.

Living in Italy for over 6 years, fluent in english, french and italian, excited about Rome, Italian culture, history and of course food. Not to mention that I am fortunate enough to meet the most amazing people from all over the world while I eating my way around the eternal city. I hope that you will join me on a food tour the next time you are in Rome (all roads lead here!) or at least have fun with me as I update my Foodie Days and adventures at one of Rome’s most popular local restaurants, especially known for their Carbonara.

Carpe diem all the way!

xoxo Dominique

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