Alimentare Settecento at San Cosimato Market in Trastevere

Keeping it in the family.

Name: Emiliano

1. How long have you been working here?

33 years, started at 13 years old

2. How did you get started here?

Family business

3. Are you passionate about your work?

When I was younger, I was not because I was just giving a hand to my mom. Today I feel fortunate every single morning that I come to the market because I love my job and the people at the San Cosimato market (vendors and customers). I select every product that are never industrial. I would never permit myself to do that. So it is another aspect that I love, to have relationships with artisan food producers.

4. How long have you had this shop in piazza San Cosimato?

Since 1920, my grandfather started the business. At the time there was Benito Mussolini who decided that everyone had to work. So who had a few shops had to choose one and so my grandfather and his cousin sold the others and decided to keep this at San Cosimato.

5. A funny incident that happened while at work?

With great embarassment I will confess to you. One time a customer came and asked for a type of meat that was supposed to be used as a spread (ciauscolo) and after a loving, long detailed explanations on how to prepare it. Instead I gave her something else that should be cooked for at least 4 hours. I accidentally sold her that one with the wrong method of preparation. I didn’t have time to tell them but I hope that they figured it out.

6. Do you cook at home?

Yes, my father taught me as a young boy that men know how to use a stove and oven. My father was a great cook and he transferred his passion onto me.

7. Favorite Roman dish?

Gricia and saltimbocca alla romana (sage, prosciutto and veal roll)