I Suppli

If anyone knows about street food in Rome, it is Enrico.

1. Name:


2. How long have you been working at I Suppli ?

Aproximately 30 years

3. How did you get started here?

I already was working with my dad in 1977. It’s my passion and I think it is normal to choose your job based on your passion. My hours are often from 7:00-21:00/21:30

4. Describe a funny incident that has happened in the kitchen:

(laughs) About 11 years ago the oven caught fire and the kitchen burned down. It wasnt funny then but today we can finally laugh about it.

5. Favorite dish at I Suppli:

Everything, Amatriciana, carbonara, suppli, each pizza,

6. What was your favorite food as a child?

Ahhhh, I didn’t like anything when I was a kid. Only Pizza with mozzarella

7. Favorite Roman dish?