Eating over the sea at Trabucco Pesce Palombo is an enchanting experience being surrounded by the clear water and blue sky but also because consuming an exaggerated amount of fresh fish and wine becomes the only importance of the entire day. The clients on my food tours hardly believe me when I say that sunday lunches can go on and on for hours so here is my evidence: from 1pm past 5pm we ate our way through ten fresh seafood courses plus wine, dessert, fruit and coffee.

After lunch we made a beeline to the beach for a nap because anything else aside from passing out was out of the question.

Staying at Punta de l’Est hotel right on the sandy beach of Francavilla al Mare, we took advantage of the available bikes and peddled our way along the lungomare of Pescara to the center to enjoy the evening. Wrongly thinking after the marathon lunch I would be full forever, we ended up at another beach eating fresh pizza under the stars (go figure).

Having lived on the Adriatic coast, I am fortunate to have had the Trabocco experience before and highly recommend it to anyone coming over to Italy. It is only a couple of hours away from Rome but you must reserve quite in advance to dine on one of these historical fishing structures. Trabocco Palombo is my favorite and famous for their brodetto and menu. It is located in Fossacesia and family owned since 1923.