I did not happen to get this in my Christmas stocking. Did you?!

Timing is everything some days and it really counts when you go to places such as La Tradizione (if you have toured with me, you know how much I LOVE this shop). In this picture, the owner Francesco is holding a 100ml extra old balsamic vinegar (this one is aged 25 years) that will set you back a hefty 3 figures for that size!! I was lucky enough to try some and it was quite dense and very tasty!

It is only produced in Modena, filled in this specific Giugiaro glass bottle (the quantity also never varies, 100ml only) and marked by the Association with a seal. A point system is used to classify balsamic vinegar of Modena as Affinato (Old) or Extravecchio (Extra Old), the only two officially-recognized types.

An exclusive and nice surprise of the day!