Gelato lovers unite! Last week I attended the Gelato Festival in Rome. Considering how many glaterias we have on just about every corner, it was fun to sample flavours such as Sacher, Caramel and Saffron, Crema Catalana, Pepperoncino, Mojito and crowd pleasing Nutella.

My absolute favorite was “Yogurt Greco” made with honey, walnuts, cinnamon and greek yogurt created by Geri Lagati.

I was lucky to have an insider tour from gelato maestro Enrico Benedetti (he really is a world gelato champion, best gelato maker in Tuscany and collaborates with Rai tv). He showed me around and explained  The Gelato Festival 2014 is a mobile show bringing together hundreds of gelato masters from all over Europe. From May to August they will travel to more than 15 different cities taking part in a creative taste competition where the winner will be announced at the first Gelato Festival in 2015.  The crowds vote for their favorite while learning about the best ingredients and production (and obviously sampling the best gelato on the planet).