I am at the Trionfale market on a very regular basis and I see a lot of fascinating things, taste new local delights and get involved in really strange conversations (Zabaglione is NOT eggnog).

It was my lucky day to have been just in time for the slicing of this incredible provolone cheese produced by Auricchio in Cremona. Founded in 1877 in the province of Naples, Gennaro Auricchio was the creator of a special rennet to produce provolone. Speaking with the cheese vendor, I found out that he cuts this cheese once a year (counting my lucky stars!!) and it has been aged for 10-12 months. They continue to divide the provolone into pieces to sell to their customers. First come, first serve because they already have a waiting list.

After it was intensely worked on with precision, we tasted the provolone right away! A little strong but hands down delicious….

I am forever grateful to the mysterious inventor of cheese.