Enrico let me in on some pretty big news the other day. He sent me this article about his new “Gelato for diet”. There was definitely no diet friendly gelato at the festival in Rome thinking back of having consumed a summer’s worth in half a day.

Here is a short summary of the article (my unprofessional translation)

“Non ci si chiede più se il gelato fa ingrassare ma se può far dimagrire”

“No longer will you ask yourself if gelato makes you gain weight but if it can lead to weightloss”

For gelato chef Enrico Benedetti who is known all over the country, the answer is yes. This revolutionary gelato created by Enrico Benedetti at his gelateria in Viareggio, Tuscany. “Gelato for diet” was created for athletes, elderly and overweight people.

Two years ago Fabrizio Angelini, the nutritionist of the Roma soccer team had an idea: to create a gelato that helps you lose weight. He proposed the idea to Enrico and the challenge also brought on board dietician and nutritionist Martina Barbieri ” The selected products are natural and vegetal, there is not any lactose and a noted quantity of protein and omega 3. The quantity of sugar is highly reduced but the research moved forward based also on taste because gelato should taste good above all.”

The portion size is controlled at almost 250 grams and for the moment there are three flavors: hazelnut, chocolate and pinenut.

I don’t think there is a single contributing factor to losing weight but I am all in favor for healthier options.

The article is here in italian: http://iltirreno.gelocal.it/versilia/cronaca/2014/06/27/news/il-dimagrir-e-un-dolce-piacere-col-gelato-per-sportivi-e-obesi-1.9497742