During my foodies tour we visit sights, vendors and eat our way through a couple of markets which inspired me to share Chiara Ugolini’s full scoop. An all encompassing market guide containing detailed information about the various food and clothes markets while capturing the essence of each one. On the right you will find the basic info of opening hours, maps, level of difficulty for parking (LOL but so valid in Rome) and even how to get there. By selecting your market of interest, Chiara has broken down sections into “A walk through the stalls”, “Around the corner”, “Alice in Wonderland” and a gorgeous photo gallery. My enthusiasm is not limited to the topic but that it is often impossible challenging to find well organized, updated or even valid information of all the markets on a single site (in english). Someone please give this woman an award!
In addition to personally knowing Chiara, this short description on her website clearly prove her interest in the markets and how this passion project was born.

“Mother for 5 years, journalist for 15, daughter and granddaughter of a farmers’ and greengrocers’ family for 40. To cut a long story short, four generations of greengrocery on the market stalls in the province of Cuneo: my great-great grandfather, great grandfather, grandfather and then my uncle, all farmers and greengrocers.”

So without further ado, here you go and enjoy!