Rome is known as an open air museum because you can literally walk around the city admiring all of it’s beauty while getting lost in all the narrow and winding  cobblestone streets.  Another bonus are the major sights and monuments attainable on foot or with a little help from public transport (when they are not on strike). You will be exhausted after a long day of trekking but will inevitably feel pleased with yourself from “burning off all that pasta” from the last few days. Combine that with doubt of what you deemed comfortable walking shoes since having met the streets and lack of side walks in Rome.

A whole other way to see Rome is as the romans do. I love being a passenger on those terrifyingly fast and loud scooters zipping in and out of traffic and parked in every unimaginable microscopic free space around the city. This my friends, is the most entertaining way to really check out Rome. I joined Scooteroma tours for a day of sightseeing and picture taking on vintage Vespas and Fiat 500 and had an absolute blast. If you want a true overview of Rome, I highly recommend taking a load off and booking an action packed two wheeled adventure!